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LID ONLY! VINTAGE 1950's American Standard 4058 F4058 toilet VENETIAN PINK

LID ONLY! VINTAGE 1950's American Standard 4058 F4058 toilet VENETIAN PINK

LID ONLY! VINTAGE 1950's American Standard 4058 F4058 toilet VENETIAN PINK    LID ONLY! VINTAGE 1950's American Standard 4058 F4058 toilet VENETIAN PINK

LID ONLY, TANK AND BOWL NOT INCLUDED. Used pink 4058 toilet lid is in excellent condition with no flaws. Bottom of lid measures approx.

20.75 x 8.5. Pink toilet from the 1950's. Thank you for visiting Toiletsandstuff! Here is a state-by-state list of transit time from Kansas City, Mo. Tips on ordering a colored item. Be very careful when ordering a colored item because most companies have many shades of each color. Kohler for example has SIX different shades of pink! Figure out the correct color name of what you have before you order.

What you may call bone color someone else might call off-white or almond or linen or beige or blush or cream or sand or some other name. Dont trust photos of colors! Photographs of colors on a computer screen can be deceiving. What you see on your screen may appear darker or lighter than the actual color of the item. The item may have been photod with a flash, without a flash, in the shade or in the sun which can affect the appearance.

Also, dont forget we all see colors slightly differently because our eyes are see differently. There are many easy/free/fast ways to confirm color. Keep your bathroom set uniform in color. Toilet, Sink, and Tub should match.

Mismatched sets look mismatched and decrease value of a home. Colored bathroom fixtures make a bathroom stand out and add value to your home. A small investment now will pay off in the future when you sell your home. Colors: Aegean Mist, Americana Brown, Autumn Gold, Bayberry-Avocado, Bermuda, Coral, Black, Blonde, Bone, Candlelight, Classic Mink, Classic Turquoise, Colonial Blue, Daydream, Dresden Blue, Euro White, Fawn Beige, Heather, Honeydew, Light Mink, Light Turquoise, Linen, Loganberry, Ming Green, Orchid, Peach Blossom, Rain Forest, Regency, Blue Rhapsody, Blue Saffron, Yellow, Shell, Silver, Spice Mocha, Spring, Surf Green, Venetian Pink, Warm White.

Colors: Avocado Green, Bermuda Blue, Biscuit, Blush, Bone/Cameo, Cafe Brown, Desert Rose, Dresden Blue, Elegant Black, Fawn Beige, Harvest Gold, Light Grey, Parchment, Regency Blue, Royal Silver, Saffron Yellow, Sea Green, Shell, Sky Blue, Soft Blue, Special Vanilla, Spring Mist, Tampa Blue, Tampa Sand, Venetian Pink. Colors: Almond Nut, Autumn Beige, Avocado, Aztec Gold, Black, Blush, Bone/Cameo, Buttercup Yellow, Carnation Pink, Pale Jade, Peach Blossom, Platinum Grey, Powder Blue, Sahara Sand, Sea foam Green, Shell Pink, Sky Blue, Sun Tan, Teakwood, Tender Grey, Wild Rose. Colors: Avocado, Blossom Pink, Classic Grey, Colonial Yellow, Creamy Yellow, Denim Blue, Desert Gold, Dusty Rose, Glacier Blue, Island Sea, Lilac, Misty Rose, Natural Onyx, Pastel Green, Peach Bisque, Platinum Ruby, Sandalwood, Sea Mist Green, Silk, Tuscan Tan, Twilight Blue, Verde Green, Zinfandel. Colors: Almond, Avocado, Bahaman Pink, Blush, Bone, British Biscuit, Citron Yellow, Dawn Blue, English Rose, Jamaican Beige, Mocha, Nutria, Ocean Sand, Peach, Petal Pink, Powder Blue, Regal Blue, Sahara Gold, Seashell, Silverado, Soft Grey, Spanish Gold, Tijuana Sand, Wedgewood Blue, Wheat. Colors: Almond, Avocado, Bone, Cerulean Blue, Dresden Blue, Fawn Beige, Gold Heron Blue, Mexican Sand, Parchment, Sterling Silver, Tender Grey.

Colors: Almond, Aspen Green, Avocado, Biscuit, Black, Cerulean Blue, Chamois, Country Grey, Desert Bloom, Expresso, Espresso French Vanilla, Fresh Green, Harvest Gold, Heron Blue, Ice Grey, Innocent Blush, Jersey Cream, Merlot, Mexican Sand , Navy Blue, New Orleans Blue, Parchment, Peach blow, Pink Champagne, Raspberry, Sea foam, Skylight, Spruce Green, Suez Tan, Sunrise, Swiss Chocolate, Teal, Tender Grey, Thunder Grey, Timberline. Colors: Antique Lace, Black, Caribbean Shell, Cascade Blue, Classic Beige, Classic Bone, Classic Silver, Dawn Blush, Desert Sand, French Chiffon, Harbor Gray, Heritage Blue, Misty Blue, Natural/Almond, Raspberry, Royal Gold, Royal Parchment.

Colors: Alpine Green, Caribbean Blue, Chablis Pink, Chocolate, Harvest Gold, Ivory, Moroccan Sand, Papyrus, Parisian Creme, Rose, Sterling Silver. Colors: Americana Brown, Bayberry, Bone, Cerulean Blue, Dresden Blue, Fawn Beige, Harvest Gold, Mexican Sand, Parchment, Regency Blue, Saffron Yellow, Sterling Silver, Venetian Pink.

Colors: Avocado, Black, Blue, Blue Mist, Chicory Blue, Cranberry, Cream Doeskin, Gold, Green, Green Ice, Green Velvet, Mushroom, Pink, Rose Dawn, Silver Gray, Spring Yellow, Tan, White Sand, Yellow. VINTAGE 1950's American Standard 4058 F4058 toilet VENETIAN PINK" is in sale since Saturday, March 2, 2019. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Bath\Toilets & Bidets\Toilet Parts & Attachments". The seller is "birdcycle" and is located in Kansas City, Missouri. This item can be shipped to United States.

  • Brand: American Standard
  • Type: Tank Lid

LID ONLY! VINTAGE 1950's American Standard 4058 F4058 toilet VENETIAN PINK    LID ONLY! VINTAGE 1950's American Standard 4058 F4058 toilet VENETIAN PINK