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BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New

BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New
BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New
BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New
BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New
BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New
BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New
BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New
BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New
BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New
BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New
BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New

BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New   BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New
Thank you for your order! Brondell Swash Bidet SE400 White Round. Swash SE400 Round New Features. Turn your boring old toilet into an elegant porcelain throne, without paying a king? The budget-friendly Swash SE400 bidet toilet seat is packed full of advanced features usually found only in higher-end models. Enjoy a customized wash experience, heated seat, warm air dryer, and more, all at the push of a button on the intuitive wireless remote control. The SE400 installs quickly and easily on your existing toilet? Ll be washing instead of wiping in no time. Designed for the modern American bathroom? Requires Standard 120V GFI Outlet within 3 Ft. Max Power use: 660 Watts. Fits One or Two Piece. Toilet bowl shapes see our Brondell Swash SE600 Elongated. DIY installation takes about 45 minutes and. Requires a standard GFI 120V outlet.

Within 3 feet of the toilet. Electricians charge about the same for a GFI outlet. How do I determine my toilet type?

How do I know if my bowl is round or elongated? Older or basic toilets are round. The inside of the round toilet bowl is usually about 11 inches around. More modern or deluxe toilets have an elongated bowl that is about 2 inches longer than it is wide, it's a noticeable difference you can see.

If you're still wondering, you can measure from the front of the toilet tank, to the very front of the toilet bowl. That measurement will be about 17+ to 19 inches if the bowl is round, and 19.5 to 20+ inches if your bowl is elongated. FITTING A SWASH TO YOUR EXISTING TOILET. Is the distance from the center of the bolt holes to the toilet tank less than 2 inches? The Swash may extend slightly over the front edge of your toilet bowl. Measure the distance from the front of the toilet tank to the front of the toilet bowl. If this measurement is less than 20½ inches, consider purchasing a Round size to reduce the amount the seat extends over the front edge, even if your fixture is elongated. The overall length of the Round Swash is 19.4 inches. A distance less than 19.4 inches from the tank to the front of the toilet bowl will also cause overhang. The Swash line of high-tech toilet seats combines the latest innovation and design to bring you a new level of luxury and hygiene. Better than a conventional toilet seat or bidet, the Swash features a warm water wash with temperature, pressure, and pulsation adjustability. The Swash reduces toilet paper consumption 50 - 100%. The United States uses over 3.2 million tons of toilet paper annually. 54 million trees per year are cut down to keep up with demand.

In addition to deforestation, the production process itself is very destructive. Each roll of toilet paper produced uses. 1.5 pounds of wood. 1.3 KWH of electricity. Harmful chlorine, sulfur, and calcium carbonate.

Having a Brondell Swash in your home will. Reduce toilet paper consumption by 50 - 100%. Via the effective cleansing of the warm water wash and optional warm air dryer. In addition, a Swash only uses an average 5-7 cents of electricity per day - even less when the power saving feature is activated. A Swash is a high-tech toilet seat that utilizes one retractable water wand to provide men, women, and children a fresh and hygienic cleansing of posterior and feminine areas.

How does a Swash work? The Swash replaces your existing toilet seat. Better than a conventional toilet seat, it delivers a warm water wash with temperature, pressure, and pulsation adjustability. One self-cleaning retractable wand is used, one for the posterior wash and another for the feminine wash.

Where is the water stored that is used for the bidet wash? What is the weight limit of the Swash Seat? Will support users who weigh up to 275 pounds. What colors is the Swash available in? (See our Swash 1400 Biscuit for Biscuit color).

Helping Women Stay Clean, Every Step of the Way. The Swash, with its dual wand system, leaves women feeling clean and rejuvenated. The warm water cleansing is especially helpful during the course of menstruation, and many women find its soothing properties can help alleviate the discomforts associated with constipation, yeast infections, and irritation. The Swash is particularly helpful during and after pregnancy to help soothe anal irritation, hemorrhoids and general discomfort. Many women also find the Swash to be a comfortable and hygienic way to clean themselves following intercourse. The Swash provides an effective and natural way to eliminate vaginal odor throughout the month, and it is particularly useful during a period. Menstrual flow is not simply blood; it also contains cervical and vaginal mucus and degenerated endometrial particles. When this fluid comes in contact with bacteria in the air, it begins to decompose and can become odiferous The gentle cleansing of the feminine wash rinses the area clean, removes any odor and helps to make what can be an uncomfortable time of the month a little more pleasant. In addition, the Swash and its dual wand system also serve to keep the rectal area clean. Yeast infections can cause itching, discharge and unpleasant odor. While the Swash can't cure a yeast infection, it can provide soothing relief from the symptoms while treatment is being received from a gynecologist or over the counter medications.

The Swash is ideal for pregnant women for many reasons. Due to increased weight gain during pregnancy, women often develop hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are veins that swell and protrude around the anus. The symptoms are a painful burning sensation, itching, swelling and bleeding. Toilet paper often exacerbates hemorrhoid symptoms. The Swash's warm water posterior wash and air dryer eliminate the need for abrasive toilet paper and keep the affected area clean and dry, providing comfort and relief from tenderness and irritation. The changing shape and increased weight gain during pregnancy can make it awkward and difficult for expecting mothers to thoroughly clean themselves.

The Swash's dual wand system provides excellent cleansing in both the feminine and posterior area. Women need extra help with cleanliness during pregnancy. Before the baby comes, women can experience the loss of the plug of mucus, water breaking and loss of amniotic fluid. The gentle cleansing of the Swash provides comfort and relief.

There are also massive physical changes that occur during the first few weeks after giving birth which can be comforted by the Swash and its gentle warm water wash. The term "lochia" is the bleeding that occurs as the uterus sheds its lining after the birth. This occurs whether the birth is vaginal or cesarean.

This means exceptional feminine cleaning is needed during this time, and Swash delivers that even when you're sleep deprived or holding a baby with one arm. The perineum may have swelling, bruising, or other complications that can be soothed by the Swash. The Swash delivers unparalled hygiene for urinary clean-up. Helping Men Stay Clean, Every Step of the Way.

The soothing warm water of the Swash's posterior wash helps relieve discomfort associated with constipation and hemorrhoids and provides men with a means for improving their anal hygiene. The warm air dryer and comfy, heated seat make time spent on the "throne" all the more enjoyable! Loss of mobility, both temporary and permanent, can be painful, frustrating and often times make it difficult to perform everyday functions that were once very easy, such as going to the bathroom. Partial or total mobility loss may result from conditions such as arthritis, broken bones, Dupuytren's disease and hernia and rectal surgery.

Over 70 million Americans have some form of arthritis or joint inflammation, often translating to a serious debility. In addition, Dupuytren's disease, an abnormal thickening of tissue beneath the skin in the palm of the hand, may eventually limit movement. The Swash allows people suffering from conditions such as these to regain the comfort and dignity of using the toilet by themselves.

The symptoms may include a painful burning sensation, itching, swelling and even bleeding. As many as 10 million Americans suffer from hemorrhoids; most of them between the ages of 45 and 65, but over half the population will experience them at some point in their lives.

The good news is you can now find hemorrhoid relief without resorting to surgery! The Swash eliminates the need for abrasive toilet paper when using the toilet. The warm water jet and warm air dryer clean and dry the user, providing great relief from symptoms such as tenderness and irritation. Whereas sufferers with traditional toilets often dread going to the bathroom and try to wait as long as possible (causing further complications), Swash owners may actually look forward to using the toilet because it is a pleasant, soothing experience.

Relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Incontinence. Skin care is very important for incontinent patients and those with IBS; however, cleaning with toilet paper or soap can dry and irritate anal tissue. The Swash allows multiple washings without the increased skin abrasion and irritation caused by other methods. Help for the Discomfort of Crohn's Disease. Crohn's disease causes inflammation and irritation in various parts on the gastrointestinal tract. With this condition can come a frequent need to use the toilet. The Brondell Swash allows complete and gentle cleansing after each bowel movement without harsh, abrasive toilet paper. Rocky, Paula, Wendy, Ryan, Austin, Carson and Hunter Raynor Half Moon Bay, CA. My wife and I ordered a Swash for our masterbath. We didn't tell our six-year old twins about it but in no time we were waiting in line for our own bathroom! The boys loved it so much we ordered one for them.

My wife loves the Swash because it makes doing the boys' laundry much easier and cleaner! Marcus Laux, Naturally Well Today.

The Brondell Swash is a wonder of ergonomics and hygiene enhancement. Plus, its for use by men as well as women. In the wintertime, I can't even TELL you how good it feels to sit on a warm toilet seat.

AND I don't feel NEARLY as clean when I use a toilet anywhere else besides my own'Swash-equipped' bathroom! The Swash is an excellent product and is effective in both concept and design. We like it and highly recommend it!

Anthony LoGrande, Designer, New York With clean styling and luxurious features, the Brondell Swash provides a great solution for designers and home remodelers alike. Deborah Lyn Levich, MD, MBA.

I have the Swash installed in the new bathroom of my gynecological practice. They find it comfortable, easy to use, and "fun". Washing with water is a much more hygienic way to clean feminine areas following urination, during menstruation, and after intercourse. And, because water is less irritating than dry toilet paper, it is ideal for post operation care and during and after pregnancy. Being a handicapped senior who recently had shoulder replacement surgery, I have found it challenging to get around the bathroom.

The Brondell Swash is a God-send in my particular situation. But it's not just beneficial to me. I think all seniors and handicapped people will benefit from the Swash's easy-to-use and hygienic features. It's like, once you try business class, it is really hard to go back to coach! I do not think you realize what a niche you have, nor the pain the elderly have with bathroom requirements, both men and women.

Your product is a blessing in times of need. Every toilet in every nursing home in the U. I have designed care giving facilities, and have met the people living there. Having IBS has been a monkey on my back(side). The Swash has given me a new take on my post-movement lifestyle.

The toilet is often an excruciating exercise for me, but the Swash provides a nice refreshing finish. Equal benefit for male and female users.

The improvement is the obvious improvement over standard TP use, not to be too graphic, but TP seems kinda dirty now, and we hate using the facilities at work, preferring to use them at home! It's a great solution if you like bidets but don't have room or plumbing for one. My mother-in-law, has had multiple intestinal cancer surgeries and needs to use the toilet more often than most.

The Swash makes it more comfortable for her so that she does not need to use rough toilet paper. Clean feeling, low maintenance, well made overall. I mentioned the clean feeling, right? That's really reason enough... My entire family agrees that the Swash is the only thing in our house we could never live without again!

Will a Swash fit my toilet? The Swash fits over 98% of residential toilets. Swash will even fit highly contoured one-piece toilets.

Unless you have a toilet with a square bowl or one that is wall-mounted, the Swash should fit your toilet. Just check your toilet type, round or elongated, and choose the appropriate Swash. Please refer to our toilet fit chart for specific fit information. Standard installation is easy and takes less than an hour. The high-level steps include: 1 turning off the water valve at your toilet; 2 removing your existing toilet seat, ; 3 installing the mounting bracket; 4 attaching the Swash to the bracket and connections.

The Swash includes a T-valve installed directly below the toilet water tank to direct filtered household water to a small reservoir within the unit. The Swash operates on standard 120 volts AC and is equipped with a 3.5 foot cord. Do I need an electrical outlet? You will need a three prong GFCI grounded outlet.

Outlet that has a safety breaker in it -- same as those found in kitchens. If your outlet is more than 3 feet from the toilet, a grounded extension cord is necessary. For those customers interested in installing a new outlet specifically for the Swash, the optimum location when facing your toilet fixture is to the left side of the fixture underneath the toilet tank. Using and Maintaining the Swash. Swash seats are made of germ-resistant plastic.

They can be cleaned with a soft, wet cloth and a mild detergent. For complete cleaning, the Swash can be easily detached from its mounting bracket. Although Swash wands are self-cleaning, Brondell recommends they be cleaned with a soft brush monthly or as needed.

Brondell recommends water filters be cleaned occasionally, which will vary depending on your water source. Is a Swash safe and reliable? With proper usage, Brondell products will provide years of reliable use. Owners should read and follow all safety precautions in the literature provided with the product. Can a Swash be used by children, elderly, and handicapped? Children love using a Swash and they are wonderful for parents with children who are potty-trained but not yet able to clean themselves. Elderly and handicap people can use a Swash because they are so easy to use and so effective in their ability to provide complete cleanliness. Does the seat stay heated at all times?

This is controlled by the user. The seat can be set as follows.

Heated to one of three temperature settings, remaining on at the prescribed setting. To Energy Save mode, which sets the seat to off (no heat) for a specific time period. How long does the wash cycle take? Effective cleansing is generally accomplished in 15 to 25 seconds. How long does the warm water last? The Swash 1000 uses an instant ceramic heating system and provides "endless" warm water washes. Do the wash wands ever "get in the way"? No, the wash wands are only extended during the cleaning cycle. At all other times they are housed in the unit to avoid being contaminated. As a further safeguard, the wands clean themselves with a high pressure spray of water before and after each use. Is the Swash covered by Medicare? Does the Swash work with toilet risers or platforms?

Yes, the Swash is compatible with the Carex Toilet Seat Elevator by Rubbermaid and the Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat from Ableware Independent Living. Bidet seats which have been installed and/or used are non-refundable due to governmental regulations pertaining to personal hygiene products. Own It Now - Limited Stock! Don't Miss Out on This Incredible Deal!

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  • Model: Swash SE400 Round White
  • Brand: Brondell
  • Toilet Shape: Round
  • MPN: SE400-RW
  • Color: White
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Korea, Republic of

BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New   BIDET BRONDELL ROUND Swash SE400 Toilet Seat Panel Control Nightlight Wash New